Ukrenergo: power deficit now stands at 27%

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Ukrenergo says country's electricity shortage now stands at 27%

Generation capacity is gradually increasing - this will help reduce the deficit in the power system.

This was reported by Ukrenergo on its Telegram

on 30 November, electricity producers provide 73% of Ukraine's electricity consumption. The capacity deficit is 27%. Generation capacity is gradually increasing, which will somewhat reduce the deficit in the energy system. Exceeding consumption limits leads to the need to apply emergency shutdowns to avoid grid overload and ensure the balance in the energy system.

The company also recalled that the overall deficit in the energy system is a consequence of seven waves of Russian missile attacks on the country's energy infrastructure.

In addition, Ukrenergo urged once again users to be more careful with their electricity consumption, as economical use of electricity will allow less application of restrictions aimed at preventing accidents, and will also allow power engineers to focus on repairing damaged facilities, which become more complicated with each successive missile attack.

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