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15:00, 22.03.2023

The second phase of the project to provide financial assistance to war veterans with group I and II disabilities, which is implemented by the Ministry of Veterans and the Ukrainian Red Cross, has been launched. The application form for payments can be filled out online.

This is reported by the Ministry of Veterans' Affairs of Ukraine.

Persons who have been granted disability status as a result of war of groups I or II and whose information has been entered in the Unified State Register of War Veterans may receive assistance.

The amount of the payment is 4000 UAH per month, which is paid over four months (16,000 UAH in total).

In order to receive assistance, it is necessary to register:

1. Go to the e-Veteran website.
2. Click on "Support for people with disabilities as a result of war" - "Apply".
3. Log in using the ID.GOV.UA system, the Action app or your personal key.
4. Check your surname, first name, patronymic, taxpayer registration card number, indicate your international bank account number IBAN, phone number and e-mail address.
5. Before submitting your application, please double-check your details and agree to your data being processed and transmitted for cash assistance from the international organisation.
6. Once the application is submitted to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, it will be checked to see if the applicant's status as a war veteran - a person with a group I or II disability - is listed in the Unified State Register of War Veterans. If the person meets this criterion, the impersonal data of the applicant will be automatically transmitted to the Ukrainian Red Cross for payment of the financial assistance.

For security reasons, notification of accrual or denial will not be sent to applicants. Therefore, if you do not receive payment within seven days, you should call the Minveteran hotline on +38 063 688 95 96.

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