Occupiers in Luhansk Region set up provocations to find guerrillas

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11:45, 20.03.2023

Among the provocations are launching armoured vehicles with a Ukrainian flag into populated areas and tracking people's reactions.

This was reported by the Luhansk regional military administration on Facebook.

According to the Ukrainian administration, the Russian occupants have resorted to various provocations in order to install partisans on the seized territories.

For example, in Bilokurakynschina, the occupants let vehicles with a blue-and-yellow flag go through the settlements. During its movement, the Russians watched closely the reaction of the local population.

In addition, the Russians checked schoolchildren who had been absent from schools for some time because of their possible involvement in distance learning with Ukrainian teachers.

Heightened inspections in Sirotino have already been reported. The Russians did not bypass the nearby dacha farmsteads either. There, they left behind broken windows and doors, because at this time of year, hardly anyone opened them. They also left fences blocked and roads washed out, because the militants were using heavy equipment to move around the streets.

In addition, the local Ukrainian authorities remind us that in the villages in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region, the invaders continue to loot under the guise of searching for saboteurs and partisans.

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Artur Zayonts

Artur Zayonts specialises in news from the frontline. A historian by education, Arthur has always sought to bring depth and context to his journalistic work.