Kiev night attack: death toll rises to 7

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Seven people killed in Kiev region after enemy attack
17:00, 22.03.2023

The number of victims of the Russian Federation attack in Rzhyshchiv, Kiev Region, has risen to seven. Nine more people were injured, including a child.

The head of the National Police in Kiev Region, Andriy Nebitov, said.

This night we received more than 40 reports from citizens about overflying aerial objects on the 102 line. A total of 12 drones were shot down by security and defence forces in the Kiev region during an attack by the occupiers," he wrote.

We shall remind you that overnight the occupiers hit a dormitory and an educational institution.

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Evgenia Ruban

Eugenia Ruban writes about political and economic news. She looks at large-scale phenomena in Ukrainian politics and economics from the perspective of how they will affect ordinary Ukrainians.