Czech medic shot dead in Donbass

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Russian invaders wound a Czech medic in Donbass

The volunteer is to be transported to the Czech Republic.

A volunteer medic from the Czech Republic has suffered shrapnel wounds due to Russian shelling in Donbas. This was reported on the page of the Phoenix volunteer project, which includes the medic.

One of our brave volunteer medics in the Donbass suffered shrapnel wounds. His condition is now stabilised, but the situation is grave and further developments cannot be predicted," it said.

His colleagues said they are doing everything possible to bring him home for treatment.

Where exactly the medic was injured was not specified.

Note that in the framework of the Phoenix project Czech medics train soldiers in first aid and transport the wounded from the front line themselves. The project's website says that its volunteers continue to help Ukrainian soldiers and local residents at the front.

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18:20, 18.03.23
Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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