Mongolia and Kazakhstan: where Russians flee from mobilization

Russians flee from the army to Mongolia
Читати українською

Due to the decision of the leadership of the Russian Federation on partial mobilization, Russians are massively buying tickets abroad.

Since many European countries do not want to see Russians, Asia and the Caucasus are in demand.

Even Mongolia is popular with Russians who don't want to sit in the trenches, reports .

The Russians flee to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia, Finland. A line of cars with those wishing to leave Russia lined up in front of the checkpoint in the village of Kyakhta. It is located in the south of the Republic of Buryatia near the state border of Russia with Mongolia.

It became known that the number of people wishing to cross the border is rapidly increasing.

At the same time, the Mongolian Foreign Ministry denied information about the queues of Russians who allegedly try to evade mobilization.

Recall that yesterday in many cities of the Russian Federation held rallies against the mobilization. The security forces packed the activists into paddy wagons.

Rallies against mobilization in the Russian Federation. Activists are detained

Rallies against mobilization began in Russia

20:20, 21.09.22
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