Kadyrov: Participants of the anti-war rally have already been mobilized

There will be no mobilization in Chechnya: details
Читати українською

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that there would be no mobilization in the republic, since it had already "overfulfilled the plan."

This was reported by Kavkaz.Realii.

According to Kadyrov, 20,000 Chechens took part in the hostilities during the war.

Chechnya has exceeded the "launched plan" by 254%, he said.

Kadyrov also said that the relatives of about 40 women who tried to hold an anti-war rally in Grozny the day before had already been mobilized and sent to war. He also stated that anyone who goes to the rally, or their husbands and all children will be sent "to the front line."

According to human rights activists, the relatives of the activists were forced to sign documents, according to which they were allegedly registered as volunteers.

Recall that after the announcement of the leadership of the Russian Federation about partial mobilization, anti-war rallies were held in Russian cities. Participants were packed into paddy wagons.

Rallies against mobilization in the Russian Federation. Activists are detained

Rallies against mobilization began in Russia

20:20, 21.09.22
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