Lufthansa announced the normalization of flights

Lufthansa says it has overcome flight chaos
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Airlines across Europe have struggled to cope with a surge in passenger traffic during the holiday season after the COVID-19 pandemic brought many flights to a halt.

The German airline Lufthansa said it was able to overcome the chaos into which the company was plunged with the start of the European summer holidays. Then Lufthansa faced an acute shortage of staff, dismissed the day before due to the corona crisis, canceled flights, a failure in the booking system, missing luggage, and a shortage of tickets. This was announced by a member of the board of directors of the company Christina Foerster, writes Reuters .

The worst is behind. Flight operations have largely stabilized, she noted.

At the same time, Förster noted that there are still many vacancies in Lufthansa and there are still not enough people. It is impossible to quickly fill open vacancies, she noted.

According to her, most of the flights canceled now affect domestic routes, where passengers can find an alternative.

Förster expressed her hope that the company will fully stabilize its operations by the transition to the winter flight schedule, which will take place at the end of October.

Lufthansa was founded in 1955 and is currently Germany's largest carrier. It is part of the Star Alliance, the main base airports are Munich and Frankfurt am Main. The company's fleet consists of 272 aircraft.

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