What Ukrainians called children in 2022

Named the most popular names in 2022
Читати українською

In Ukraine, parents can name their children whatever they like.

In total, 104,905 small citizens of the country appeared in Ukraine in the first half of 2022. According to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in most cases Ukrainians chose traditional names for their newborns.

So, for the first half of 2022, among the most popular female names: Anna, Sofia, Maria, Victoria, Anastasia, Solomiya, Alexandra, Polina. The most common male names were Artem, Alexander, Maxim, Bogdan, Mark, Dmitry, Mikhail.

The number of Stefanias in the country has increased sharply after the victory of the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song "Stefania".

The war also took its toll. After it began, parents began to give their children very unusual names. So, among the female names such names as Adeline-Javelin, Javelina appeared.

Exotic female names also in the Ministry of Justice include: Kvitoslava, Dzvenislava, Chervonka, Jordana, Evangelina, Chiamada-Adelina, Freya, Jasmine, Hostess, Ariel, Zoreslava, Missy. Among the men on the list of exotic: Arthur-Bayraktar, Jan-Javelin, Mirolub, Bartholomew, Prince, Severus, Zoreslav, Moses, Lord, Mariluiz, Mirodar, Dobromir, Count.

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