Ignat revealed who shot down Russian army planes on Russian territory

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Air Force spokesman says who caused massive plane crashes in Russia
11:30, 14.05.2023

On Saturday, 13 May, two Mi-8 helicopters and a Su-34 and a Su-35 crashed in Russia's Bryansk Region, killing nine Russian pilots.

Russia's air defence was involved in the loss of five military aircraft during Saturday, 13 May, in the Bryansk Region. Air Force Command spokesman Yuriy Ignat said this in a televised marathon on 14 May.

Helicopters were involved, an air strike group that carried out an attack on Ukraine from the Bryansk region. They do this on a daily basis. They carried out strikes with guided air bombs. Apparently, they ran into some trouble. They wanted to bomb our civilians, our regions," he said.

He stressed that the Russian side has already come to the conclusion that the aircrafts fell through the fault of the Russian Federation.

It turns out, yes. Yes, of course. "Black day aviation - they have already admitted that, there is an analysis. Who are they going to fire, punish for the mess going on. It's nice to read such news from the enemy," Ignat noted.

For its part, the Russian newspaper Kommersant quoted its sources as saying that all the aircraft that, according to Russian media reports, went down in the Bryansk region - two Mi-8 helicopters and two Su-34 and Su-35 fighters - were part of the same air group that was to carry out a missile-bombing strike in the Chernigov region.

According to Kommersant, all the listed vessels were part of one air group - "the fighters were to carry out a missile and bomb attack on targets in Chernihiv Region of Ukraine, while the helicopters were to back them up to, among other things, pick up the Su crews if they were shot down by enemy fire".

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Evgenia Ruban
Evgenia Ruban
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