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KMDA draws up a blackout action plan

Kyiv will make public transport free in case of blackout.

Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has said that the city authorities have drawn up a plan in case Kyiv is completely cut off from power supply. It includes free fares on public transport and a complete suspension of the metro. The latter is planned to be used as a shelter in this case.

In case the enemy strikes again against the Ukrainian energy system and there is no power supply in the capital, there will be free buses on all routes of ground transport. The fares will be free

The mayor noted that all the bus parks in Kyiv are provided with necessary fuel and have automatic power sources, in particular, gasoline and diesel generators. Also in bus parks there have been organized heating stations for the drivers.

Klitschko emphasized that, if there is no light, city dwellers will be able to go down to the metro, where they will be able to survive air-raid alarms, recharge their gadgets and drink hot tea. However, only those who show identification will be allowed into the underground.

The following will be available in metro stations:

  • internet connection;
  • electricity (possibility to charge mobile phones and other gadgets);
  • drinking water;
  • sanitary facilities.

According to Klitschko, the average temperature at underground stations is now 12-14 degrees Celsius. Therefore, those who decide to wait underground for a while should wear winter clothes and have extra warm clothes.

In this case, the stations of the ground section of the underground will not be used for civil protection purposes (as a shelter for people in emergencies and during the alarm).

Klitschko did not rule out that the capital's residents will still face a total blackout because "the enemy is insidious and ruthless".

Electricity consumption limit increased for Kiev

Electricity consumption limit increased for Kiev

11:25, 02.12.22
Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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