Alla Pugacheva helps raise money to rebuild Ukraine

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Alla Pugacheva, who left Russia, helps raise money for Ukraine

The singer left Russia because of her anti-war stance.

Singer Alla Pugacheva has allowed tours of her castle in the Russian Federation's Gryazi village near Moscow, with money going to the Elena Zelenskaya Foundation for viewing the house. A photo of a ticket for such a tour was published by the Telegram channel Diaries of Celebrities.

Those wishing to see how the diva lived, promise to show the boudoirs of Pugacheva, rooms of her husband Maxim Galkin, dressing rooms and even toilets. The cost of such a tour - 10,200 rubles.

At the same time, any filming is forbidden

The proceeds will go to the First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya charitable foundation.

Alla Pugacheva helps raise money to rebuild Ukraine

We would like to point out that Russian singer Alla Pugacheva left the Russian Federation on 29 September and moved to Israel, where she has already received citizenship. Galkin has openly criticized Russia's actions in Ukraine, and in September he was put on the list of foreign agents.

The singer herself has filed for liquidation of her ABP LLC in Russia. The company was involved in recording and publishing musical works

The Elena Zelenskaya Foundation is a charitable organization, whose mission is to restore Ukraine's human capital, so that every citizen can feel physically and mentally healthy and protected, and can realize their right to education and build their future in their native country.

The focus of the Foundation's work is human. The organisation focuses on three main areas: medicine, education and humanitarian aid. Thus, the Foundation works to restore and provide material and technical support to medical and educational institutions that were fully or partially destroyed during the war; provides humanitarian aid to residents of the de-occupied territories, in particular family-type orphanages, internally displaced persons and people with disabilities

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