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How much is paid for each disability group

The amount of the pension depends on the disability group received.

In Ukraine, a complete or partial loss of health gives citizens the right to acquire the status of disabled or limited able-bodied.

It also entitles you to apply for a disability pension:

  • Disability group I - they are entitled to a 100% old-age pension, but for this it is necessary to have an insurance period of 1 to 10 years, depending on the age at which a person is recognized as disabled;
  • II disability group - are entitled to a 90% old-age pension. The required insurance experience, in this case, is 1-14 years;
  • III group of disability - they are entitled to a 50% old-age pension if they have 1-14 years of insurance experience.

There are two ways to apply for a disability pension:

  • offline - by contacting any service center of the Pension Fund;
  • online - on the web portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Documents required to receive a disability pension:

  • a written application for the appointment of a pension;
  • passport or birth certificate (for children);
  • if a person has an ID passport, they also need a certificate of registration of the place of residence, which is issued together with the passport;
  • RNOKPP (registration number of the taxpayer's registration card);
  • workbook or other documents confirming the length of service + information about wages;
  • documents certifying a special status of an individual (for example, a certificate from the MSEK, an identity card with a disability as a result of the war);
  • photograph (required for registration of a pension certificate).

For conscripts, the following must be added to the application for a disability pension:

  • a certificate of illness issued and certified by the military commissariat at the place where the serviceman was deregistered or a certificate from the military medical commission (copy).

If disability occurred after dismissal from military service, the following should be added to the application for granting a pension:

  • a certificate of the military commissariat on military service indicating the date of conscription, date, and reason for dismissal from military service, + conclusion of the MSEC that disability is associated with military service.
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