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Disabled people of the third group can begin to mobilize
16:50, 26.08.2022

In Ukraine, they can add men with disabilities to the list that falls under mobilization.

The corresponding bill is published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On mobilization training and mobilization", those liable for military service who are recognized in accordance with the established procedure as persons with disabilities or, in accordance with the conclusion of the military medical commission, temporarily unfit for military service due to health reasons, are not subject to conscription during mobilization. for a period of up to six months (with the subsequent passage of a military medical commission).

The law does not clearly indicate the group of disability and, accordingly, people with disabilities are not subject to mobilization. But in the second part of Article 23 it is said: they can be called up for military service with their consent and only at the place of residence.

The third group is a mild disability, that is, these are mild health disorders that allow a person to fight.

Lawyer Ivan Lieberman commented on an excerpt from the law on the voluntary mobilization of people with disabilities:

You can bring ammunition, dig trenches or cook food. That is, service in the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be completely different, the so-called alternative service, - says the lawyer.

The lawyer adds that people with group III disabilities will be mobilized even on the basis that citizens of Ukraine must serve in the army in accordance with the law.

As practice shows, everything that is temporary or by agreement very quickly begins to be mandatory, and also under responsibility, - said Ivan Lieberman.

The lawyer also reassured: "Of course, they will be able to mobilize only after a thorough medical examination."

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