What documents are needed for a woman to become a military registration in Ukraine

What documents should a woman take when going to the military registration and enlistment office
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On October 1, military registration of women of certain professions begins in Ukraine.

Colonel Ruslan Trihub, head of the Darnitsa TCC in Kyiv, recalled that women could also be mobilized from October. In this case, they will need to go to the military registration and enlistment office. He emphasized that the mobilization of women is practically no different from the mobilization of men, Hromadske writes.

He also noted that the conscription of women is not an innovation in our country and they have been registered with the military before.

Prior to that, those who had a specialty were on the military register: doctors, nurses, and a number of other military specialties. Therefore, we had frequent cases when women were called up, - said the head of the TCC.

At the same time, he added that when going to the military registration and enlistment office, women should take a number of documents with them: a passport, an identification code, 3x4 photographs, a diploma of education - in order to understand what specialty this woman should be registered with.

A woman also goes through a medical commission, only a female doctor is added. You need to bring a certificate from this doctor. You do all medical examinations, tests, fluorography and cardiogram at the place of residence, Ruslan Trigub said.

Note that according to the order of the Ministry of Defense, women must be registered if she is from 18 to 60 years old and she has the following specialty:

- psychology;

- publishing and printing;

- accounting and taxation, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, economics, money, banking and insurance;

- veterinary medicine;

- bioengineering;

- medicine (stomatology, nursing, pharmacy);

- physical therapy;

- technologies of light industry;

- earth sciences (geography, physics);

- metrology and information-measuring equipment;

- IT sector;

- telecommunications;

- chemical technologies.

A detailed list of specialties and / or professions related to the corresponding military specialties, after which women are registered for military service, can be found in this Order .

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