It will be possible to send a parcel to Poland cheaper and faster

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Postage between Poland and Ukraine will become faster and cheaper

Ukrposhta and the Polish Post signed a memorandum on tariff reduction and a simplified mechanism for the delivery of items.

The memorandum provides for a mechanism that will reduce the tariffs for sending parcels and simplify the delivery of items. Igor Smelyansky, General Director of Ukrposhta, wrote about this on Facebook.

There is a month of time for implementation, because we understand our responsibility to people. It is important that Ukrainian businesses importing from Poland have a reliable supply chain,” Smelyansky said.

The main points of the memorandum:

  • Before September 15, prepare and sign an agreement on the mutual reduction of tariffs for sending parcels. The cost of postage between families will be lower;
  • Now parcels can be sent and received at all branches of the Polish Post and Ukrposhta;

  • We agreed to work out the processing of parcels so that the delivery time was many times faster. We are already working with colleagues from UZ and, with the help of the Ministry of Infrastructure, we plan to put part of the parcels on the "iron rails" so as not to waste time at the border;

  • Joint issue of the brand.

Recall that since March 11, Ukrposhta has been delivering parcels with a 70% discount to the nearest Western countries.

The company agreed with the post offices of its neighbors: Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia, that is, to those countries that receive the largest number of Ukrainian refugees.

The Ukrainian refugees felt the agreements very well - their relatives sent them summer clothes at a budget price compared to other countries.

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