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16:53, 13.03.2023

Internally displaced persons living in the capital are entitled to a food hamper at the district labour and social welfare office. The assistance is given once a year.

This is reported by the Kyiv City Council.

To get a food kit, you should apply to one of the Labour and Social Security departments at the following addresses:

  • Goloseevsky district: 5/3, Yuliya Zdanovskaya street;
  • Darnytskyi district: 176, Kharkivske Shosse str;
  • Desnyanskyi district: 87D, Zakrevskogo str;
  • Dniprovskyi district: 7A, A. Dashkevicha str;
  • Obolonsky district: 18A Ozernaya str;
  • Pechersky district: 4/7, Citadelna str;
  • Podilsky district: 31B, Yaroslavskaya str;
  • Sviatoshynsky district: 14B, G. Yura str;
  • Solomensky district: 40, Vozdukhoflotsky st;
  • Shevchenkivskyy district: 5 Berestiyskyy ave.

It is noted that such assistance can be received only once a year. If an internally displaced person has already received food aid in 2022, they can receive it again in 2023 only if they have children under 14 years old.

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