What has changed in Ukraine since the first of July

What will change for Ukrainians on July 1
Читати українською

Today is July 1, which means that many changes await the Ukrainians.

The legal telegram TG channel told about what will change in Ukraine from July 1.

The rise in the living wage. Now it is 2600 UAH.

In connection with the increase in the subsistence minimum, the minimum pension converged from UAH 1934 to UAH 2027, and the maximum payment from UAH 19,340 to UAH 20,270 ;

Family members of the fallen defenders of Ukraine, citizens with merit to the country and war invalids will receive additional payments.

Returned duties and VAT on imported goods and customs clearance of a car, which can now be issued through "Diya";

The amount of insurance for compulsory civil liability insurance (OSGPO) has increased since July 1, and the amount of insurance payments has also increased

From July 1, Russian citizens will not be able to cross the border with Ukraine without visas.

Russians without visas will not be allowed into Ukraine

Ukraine introduces visa regime for Russians: details

16:00, 17.06.22

From July 1, Ukrposhta increases the cost of delivering parcels within Ukraine.

In July, a register of destruction during the war will be launched in Ukraine . Through it, citizens will be able to apply for their damaged property.

In Ukraine, the register of destruction begins to work

In July, a registry of destructions will be put into operation in Ukraine

13:00, 01.07.22
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