"Autopark" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was replenished with fifty Turkish armored personnel carriers "Kirpi"

Armored personnel carrier Kirpi
Читати українською

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received 50 new Kirpi armored personnel carriers from partners.

This was reported by the task force "Kakhovka" on Facebook.

Our soldiers are supported by foreign partners. The whole World wants Ukraine to win the Victory over the worst enemy. New Turkish armored personnel carriers BMC "Kirpi" were handed over to the armed forces, the Kakhovka task force reports.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are soon expecting a second batch of Kirpi armored personnel carriers in the amount of 150 units.

People's Deputy, Deputy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Yuri Mysyagin said that two marine brigades were already using the first batch of vehicles and spoke about the advantage of the Kirpi armored personnel carriers.

Two brigades of marines are already using half a hundred vehicles. Looking forward to another hundred and fifty! A machine gun that can be manually controlled and rotated 360 degrees, a fire extinguishing system, good mine protection of the car, B6 armor, 12 fighters plus the crew, - says Yuri Mysyagin.

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