An intelligence officer told about a network of inforcers from Russia

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“We receive data from civilians from Russian Belgorod and not only” - officer of the special forces

An officer of the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, call sign "Vito", told the Army INFORM news agency about the heroism of Ukrainian soldiers in the defense of Kharkov.

We arrived in Kharkov in advance, organized a resistance movement. On February 23, we distributed weapons to our first partisans. And these people occupied the hemisphere of the city with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and were the first to take a hit from the enemy offensive, - says Vito.

Especially "Vito" noted the participation in the defense of the city of the local population.

The population of the Kharkiv region is our eyes and ears. Moreover: we receive data from civilians from Russian Belgorod and beyond. They miraculously go to our "publics", dropping information about the movement of enemy troops towards Ukraine, their composition, etc. We evaluate it, analyze it, supplement it and compare it with data from several other sources, and then bring it to combat units and draw up plans for our own or joint actions. As a result - huge losses of the enemy.

The Ukrainian army once and for all refuted the myth of the invincibility of the Russians.

Their only advantage is quantity. But our fighters successfully correct this: “I would not say that these are James Bonds. They are ordinary guys. But their moral and psychological state is suppressed. Maybe they were better in training. But here they can't get their bearings. They wander around here. They are scared, he adds.

Vito also noted that a large number of Russians are participating in this war on the side of Ukraine:

There are people in our unit who have crossed the border from Russia and are fighting on the side of Ukraine.

The population of Kharkiv was pro-Ukrainian, says Vito, but this war further rallied people. Kharkiv residents have become a true support for our military. And this is the key to victory.

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