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The Cabinet of Ministers has allocated money for those who accommodated migrants

The largest amount was received by the Poltava regional administration.

The Cabinet of Ministers allocated funds to compensate for the costs of temporary accommodation of internally displaced persons during martial law. Regional administrations will receive UAH 50.6 million from the reserve fund in April. This is discussed in the order of the government of June 3, 2022 No. 446-r .

The regional military administrations should provide compensation for the expenses of the owners of residential premises of the private housing stock, who accommodated internally displaced persons in these premises free of charge, the decision says.

According to the application, the money will be received by:

You can get compensation for accommodating migrants

Private homeowners who accommodate refugees for free can receive compensation for utility bills. They will be charged 450 hryvnia per month for each accepted person.

Compensation is provided from the reserve fund of the state budget to cover the costs of central executive authorities and local governments paid for utilities consumed in buildings (premises) that are on their balance sheet, and in which, under martial law, temporarily displaced persons are accommodated free of charge , namely for:

  • services for the supply of thermal energy (or thermal energy as a marketable product);
  • services for the supply of hot water, centralized water supply and centralized sanitation;
  • household waste management or household waste removal services;
  • services for the supply and distribution of natural gas;
  • services for the supply and distribution of electrical energy;
  • other types of energy carriers (firewood, pellets, coal, etc.).

According to the International Organization for Migration, the number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine has already exceeded 8 million. According to this UN organization, in connection with the large-scale humanitarian crisis in the country, 44 percent of internally displaced persons admit that they will again have to change their place of residence.

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