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19:15, 18.03.2023

For a whole year, the US allowed the Russians to hide from war, repression and mobilisation.

Russians who had previously sought asylum in the USA because of the war in Ukraine have been deported from the country. This was reported by The Guardian.

According to the newspaper's journalists, a Russian man who had fled mobilization and sought asylum in America was deported back to Russia from the USA a few days ago. He entered the country via Mexico.

The man's lawyer said the immigration authorities had concluded that the threat of being sent to the front could not be grounds for staying in the US. The lawyer also added that this is not an isolated case and similar decisions were made in relation to the three other clients, also Russians. They all want to be sent back to their home countries. In their case, however, the court of appeal is hearing the case.

The migrants from Russia came to the US thinking they could gain asylum and be protected from deportation because of the government's stated position. Now the apparent policy change has caused confusion among migrants and their supporters," the newspaper wrote.

It is worth noting that several hundred thousand or even millions of Russians have fled their homeland over the past year. Many fled for fear of being sent to war. Most of them settled in the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia.

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Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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