Kharkiv authorities named the number of completely destroyed houses

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Hundreds of houses in Kharkiv cannot be restored - Terekhov

The Russian army fires missiles at Ukrainian Kharkiv almost daily.

In Kharkiv, more than 400 houses damaged during shelling cannot be restored. This was announced on the air of the telethon by the mayor of the city Igor Terekhov.

150 thousand people lost the roof over their heads. We are working on where to relocate people when they return, how to give them apartments in new microdistricts, how to build these microdistricts so that people can live and work in Kharkiv,” Terekhov said.

He also noted that the authorities are already working on the restoration of the housing stock and it is planned to restore 67 houses before the end of hostilities.

People who lived in the affected houses will be provided with new housing, and until then they will be settled in hostels, he said.

According to the mayor, those Kharkiv residents who left can find out about the state of the house and its prospects using a special chat bot.

For themselves, people make a decision - to stay where they left the shelling, or to return. There are places in dormitories for people who are returning but have lost their homes,” Terekhov said.

Terekhov added that even the most destroyed areas of Kharkov are being prepared for the heating season, where possible. At the same time, he acknowledged that the possibility of new shelling remains.

It should be noted that since the beginning of September, 8,500 sq. km of the territory of Kharkiv region with 388 settlements. According to the OVA, only 6% of the region (out of 32%) remained under occupation.

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