Wagner, who fled to Norway, detained for drunken brawl and assault on police officer

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A Wagnerian who fled to Norway got drunk and got into a fight
15:00, 25.02.2023

Medvedev's lawyer stated that the fight was the result of a "misunderstanding after drinking alcohol".

Andrey Medvedev, a former mercenary of the Russian PMC Wagner, who sought political asylum in Norway and gave out revelations to journalists, was caught outside a pub in Oslo on 22 February, TV2 reported.

After consuming too much alcohol, he lost control of his actions," the journalists reported.

According to investigators, he had been drinking and fighting that night and had kicked one of them when police officers arrived. He is now charged with three criminal offences.

However, Medvedev himself said there had been a misunderstanding and he did not understand what had happened when police arrived on the scene. He also allegedly did not realize he had hit the policemen.

After the interrogation, the Russian was released from custody on Wednesday, February 22. A court hearing on this event will be held on April 25.

We shall remind you that the Wagnerovite who fled to Norway said that Prigozhin was "the devil" and that he himself was just on a training exercise and did not want to fight against Ukraine at all. The Russian spoke about executions of Wagnerovites and that Prigozhin might be killed for refusing to fight in the PMC. The Russian also recorded a video message with confessions regarding actions among Wagnerovites.

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