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Ukrainian command tells Russians how to surrender in order to stay alive

The number of people willing to surrender to the AFU has been on the rise lately.

The Russian military do not know the rules of international humanitarian law and have no idea how to surrender in order to save their lives, according to the page of the Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces:

There is complete ignorance and lack of understanding of the rules of war, namely international humanitarian law, among the surrendering Russians. That is why Russian military personnel have to explain the main points about captivity

The report says that after the Russians decide to surrender they must understand that this means that AFU personnel are physically controlling them. The AFU has warned that imitation surrender will be considered a war crime

If, under the guise of surrender, fire is opened on the Ukrainian military, namely simulated surrender, this is classified as treachery and a war crime

The Ukrainian Armed Forces point out that in order to surrender one needs to know only two clear rules:

You must clearly express your desire to do so. You must raise your hands and shout a surrender phrase. You must not show hostile actions and you must not hold a weapon in your hands

All commands given by the AFU must be obeyed and there must be no resistance. If the surrender takes place together with the equipment, the tank or BMP must be turned in the opposite direction to the AFU

We would like to point out that earlier a video showing Russian soldiers surrendering, followed by one of them opening fire on the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, was posted online. After this, another video showed Russian soldiers already killed. The Armed Forces said that they were forced to open fire because the occupiers had faked the surrender, but in fact tried to kill Ukrainians

Ukrainian ombudsman comments on video of alleged shooting of occupants

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17:00, 20.11.22
Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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