The Armed Forces of Ukraine explained how air defense covers the sky

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On what principle air defense works - the Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the protection system

Air defense in Ukraine is now very dynamic and mobile.

In the air defense of Ukraine, priority objects have been identified, next to which air defense systems are being installed. These are strategic, military facilities of the state and densely populated cities. The speaker of the Air Force Yuri Ignat told about this, NV reports.

Of course, there are priorities in the work of air defense - strategic objects of the state. These are nuclear power plants, dams, strategic transport interchanges, large regional centers, where, perhaps, a lot of military production is concentrated, military facilities. In these areas, the air defense system has been strengthened. The same is true in the areas determined by the top military leadership,” Ignat said.

He added that air defense in Ukraine is now very dynamic and mobile.

We have the opportunity to change positions and in a short time to strengthen the necessary areas, - he said.

He also clarified that the means of air defense available in Ukraine are precisely air defense (air defense), and not anti-missile.

The latter are now the most necessary, given the tactics of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin has made a significant bet on missile strikes, so missile defense systems (ABM) are urgently needed for Kyiv, Ignat said.

He noted that missile defense is more powerful, more modern systems.

That is, for understanding - a rocket must shoot down a rocket. The performance characteristics should be higher than this missile, which flies to hit a ground target,” he specified.

He stressed that it is now necessary to have equipment to combat the weapons that Russia has, now such equipment is available in neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania.

If we talk about the fight against missiles, then, unfortunately, we cannot effectively shoot down those flying at an extremely high speed: Kh-22, Dagger, Onyx, Iskander (ballistic). They are hard to knock down. More likely to shoot down cruise and aircraft missiles, such as Kh-101, Kh-59, Kh-32, Caliber and others, whose speed is about 800 km/h. They are also high-tech: they fly along a programmed trajectory, low above the ground, bending around the terrain, they can fly in riverbeds, change the course set by the operator at the beginning, the military said.

Ignat added that the Ukrainian air defense was the first target attacked by the troops of the aggressor country on February 24, immediately after the start of a full-scale invasion. She survived, and then began to regularly destroy enemy aircraft, thereby preventing the Russians from gaining air superiority. Therefore, the invaders began to hit the territory of Ukraine with rockets.

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