Trains collide in Slovakia, people injured

Dozens injured in train collision in Slovakia
Читати українською

A passenger train collided with a freight locomotive.

As a result of the collision of a passenger train with a railway locomotive, on Friday, June 3, 74 people were injured in Slovakia. According to the local police, at the time of the accident there were about 100 people on the train, 59 people received minor injuries, 11 were moderately injured, and four were seriously injured. Of these, 34 people were taken to nearby hospitals: Martina, Zilina, Ružomberok, Dolny Kubin and Povazska Bystrica.

Currently, emergency services are dealing with a railway accident that occurred on the line in the direction of Zilina - Vrutka. Upon arrival at the scene, it was discovered that the locomotive collided with a parked passenger train, said Katarina Krizhanova from the Presidium of the Fire and Rescue Corps.

The doctors said that the passengers who were taken to the hospital during the accident received mainly bruises of the abdomen and chest, one of the patients received a simple fracture. Assistance was also provided to one of the machinists who received a concussion.

The accident occurred near the town of Vrutka in northwestern Slovakia. The Ministry of Transport reported that a passenger train stopped on the railway tracks due to a breakdown, a locomotive crashed into it, which was supposed to provide technical assistance to the train.

Two evacuation buses arrived at the scene and picked up the rest of the passengers.

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