Ukrainian refugees will start paying fares in Poland

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Ukrainian refugees in Poland will start paying for travel

It's about intercity transfers.

In Poland, the transport company PKP Intercity, which specializes in intercity passenger transportation, intends to ban free travel for Ukrainian refugees. This was reported by the press service of PKP Intercity.

They said that from July 1, citizens of Ukraine will, like everyone else, pay for PKP Intercity services.

The current rules for issuing free tickets for refugees from Ukraine will be valid until Thursday, June 30. From Friday, July 1, these trips will take place according to the general rules included in the PKP Intercity regulations, the company's press service writes.

Free travel for refugees from Ukraine was introduced by PKP Intercity on February 26 this year.

About 4.3 million refugees have arrived in Poland since the Russian attack on Ukraine. The country provides them with shelter, social and medical care, as well as opportunities for education and work.

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