Microsoft announces when the company will end support for Windows 10

When will support for Windows 10 end?
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Microsoft is now focused on the development of Windows 11, so it will soon stop supporting Windows 10.

Support for Windows 10 in all editions (Home, Pro and Pro Education and Pro for Workstations) will end in three years, in October 2025.

Earlier versions of Windows 10 will not be supported by Microsoft much sooner:

  • 21H1 - December 13, 2022.
  • 21H2 - June 13, 2023.
  • 20H2 has not been updated since May of this year.

Windows 10 will continue to be usable and receive security updates for the next few years.

After the end of support from Microsoft, most likely, only emergency updates with troubleshooting for Windows 10 will be released with fixes for critical vulnerabilities.

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