Doomsday plane arrives in Europe from the US

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11:30, 01.03.2023

The plane landed in Iceland.

The U.S. European Command announced this on Twitter.

The E-6B Mercury aircraft has landed in Iceland and serves as the US Navy's air command post.

The US Navy's E-6B Mercury aircraft, subordinate to the first wing of US Strategic Command, recently arrived in Iceland, conducting operations in the area of responsibility of the US Armed Forces European Command.

In Iceland, the crew met with the U.S. ambassador and other diplomats and military officials.

The E-6B Mercury is a US military strategic control and communications aircraft and a US Navy air command post, also called a "doomsday aircraft".

This aircraft is designed to communicate with nuclear-powered strategic submarines. Those are carriers of intercontinental ballistic missiles, including nuclear ones.

It is worth recalling that on 22 February Russia withdrew from the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The treaty provided for mutual control between the US and Russia over the number of nuclear weapons and their reduction.

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