UNICEF halts registration on its Displacement Payments Platform

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UNICEF has stopped accepting applications for payments for displaced persons
Big Kyiv

UNICEF is not yet accepting applications to process the information it has already received.

This is stated on the official website of UNICEF.

Registration on the platform єSupport for the cash assistance program Jointly from UNICEF was suspended on August 14 at 23:00.

The organization noted that this is necessary to process applications and pay to families that meet the program criteria, applied after June 15, and have not yet received assistance.

The organization also recalled that all already accepted applications would undergo a two-stage verification:

1. Technical selection: checking the correctness of entering data. If everything is done correctly, the applicant will receive a confirmation SMS.

2. The selected applications are checked for compliance with the program's criteria. If the family meets the program criteria, assistance will be credited to the account specified in the application.

Information about the continuation of registration will be available later.

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