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Scientists on the example of ants explained why working is deadly

Scientists have figured out why ant queens live for years, and workers - only months.

Even the Indian ants know how good it is to be a king and not "bend your back" every day. And because insects with great rejection are fighting for the "throne" in the anthill, says Live Science .

Scientists from New York University note that the strongest can become the king of Indian ants. Their title is not inherited, but is literally gnawed out on the battlefield.

After the death of the queen of the anthill, the carnage begins there. Ants in battle "knock out" this position for themselves, experts say.

They also emphasize that insects at this moment are driven not by vanity, but by a banal desire to live longer.

Ant queens live five times longer than ordinary worker ants, experts reveal.

In laboratory studies, scientists have found that while ordinary worker ants can live for about 8 months, the life expectancy of queens is about 3.3 years.

When studying the longevity of queens, scientists started with insulin. Indeed, in order to produce a large number of eggs, a very significant amount of it is necessary and, it would seem, on the contrary, its constant production should contribute to the rapid aging of the individual.

By studying the biological processes of ants, scientists have found that queens produce more insulin, fat and vitellogenin (the precursor of egg yolk in the fat body). Some of these resources are used to maintain the egg, and some are used to produce a unique pheromone. This pheromone is secreted only by the uterus and helps them significantly prolong their own life.

At the same time, scientists emphasized that such an ability can be easily lost.

If the queen is placed in another colony, where a ruler has already been appointed, she will be demoted to an ordinary working individual. Then her functions will change and she will have to work hard again and her life expectancy will be reduced.

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