Tesla unveils its first production truck (VIDEO)

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Tesla unveils first production truck

The production version of the Tesla truck is unveiled five years after its first presentation.

This was reported by Engadget.

Tesla held a presentation where it showed the production version of its Semi truck, which it unveiled for the first time five years ago.

The first Semi was handed over immediately to a customer, Pepsi. In total, the beverage company ordered 100 of these vehicles.

Each truck will be equipped with a 1MW battery pack. This provides a 20-second acceleration to 96 km/h. The Semi is also equipped with advanced autopilot capabilities, impact mitigation systems and blind spot sensors.

The delivery start date has been changed several times - from 2019 to 2020 and then to 2021. Starting in May 2022, Tesla has opened reservations with a $20,000 deposit.

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