US still mulling giving Ukraine long-range missiles

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The U.S. admits Ukraine needs to hit behind the front lines, but no long-range missiles yet

The US government continues to consult with the Ukrainian military leadership.

this was stated by US Under Secretary of Defence for Political Affairs Colin Kahl at the Media Centre Ukraine.

At the same time, the USA admits that Ukraine needs to strike further from the front line. But it still doubts the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine.

On long-range missiles: we continue to hear interesting comments on them. I think not focusing on a specific one is helpful. There is a need to reach beyond the front line and without going into details, I will say that we recognize that need in the current phase and we should consider how to help Ukraine overcome that challenge, but I will not decide in advance what kind of system that might be.

So far, we are only talking about transferring heavy combat vehicles to Ukraine. As for the Abrams tanks, the US official said that they are "very expensive weapons" that are very hard to maintain.

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