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It became known how much money is needed for the restoration of Mariupol

A town that does not exist. Mariupol is one of the most affected cities in Ukraine. The invaders literally wiped it off the face of the earth.

Telegram channel Pravda Gerashchenko writes about this.

According to preliminary estimates, at least $10 billion will be needed to restore Mariupol's infrastructure.

Local authorities want through international courts to obtain payments for the restoration of the city.

Every crime, every murder and destruction caused by the aggressor must be recorded and brought before an international court. War criminals must be punished. Now we are working in close cooperation with the Government and the Donetsk military-civilian administration in order to obtain from Russia not only reparations for the complete restoration of our beloved Mariupol after the war, but also large payments to all Mariupol residents for the suffering and damage caused, -
noted the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko.

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