Scholz admits EU enlargement if the union is reformed

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Scholz believes the EU can expand if it passes reform
Word and deed

At least 13 countries oppose reform.

Jörg Kukis, state secretary in the Federal Chancellery and chief advisor to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, said.

According to him, Germany can only agree to the accession of new member states if this process is accompanied by EU reform:

As a German government, we have a very clear position on this and the answer is that we need institutional reform, at least simultaneously with enlargement.

That said, so far, the issue of reforming the European Union has met with resistance from the members of the association. Particularly against the countries of Eastern Europe and the Scandinavians. There are about 13 such countries. That said, Berlin believes that a consensus can be reached.

One of the main reforms that Scholz talks about is the need to move from unanimous voting to majority voting. Many important issues in the EU are currently stalled because one or two countries may be against it, and this may be down to corruption, or simply blackmail to get favourable treatment, such as in the case of Hungary when it comes to voting on the Ukraine.

Germany is not alone in its desire to reform the EU, as other major member states, such as France and Spain, are also interested in reforming the bloc.

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