SBU detains enemy informer in Kharkiv region

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15:10, 21.03.2023

The Security Service has detained an informant of the Russian special services who was "hunting" ammunition depots of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv Region.

This was reported by the SBU press service.

It is noted that the intruder was gathering intelligence about the locations and movements of defence units in the Kupyansk district. First and foremost, in order to locate the storage locations of military equipment, weapons and ammunition of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to the investigation, the woman was involved in working for the Russian special services because of her husband who is on the territory of the aggressor country.

At present, the suspect has been notified on suspicion. She faces up to eight years in prison.

An investigation to establish all the circumstances of the crime is ongoing.

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Evgenia Ruban

Eugenia Ruban writes about political and economic news. She looks at large-scale phenomena in Ukrainian politics and economics from the perspective of how they will affect ordinary Ukrainians.