Russian priests spied on military bases in Norway

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Russian priests engaged in espionage in Norway
18:50, 19.10.2022

The Norwegian media have drawn attention to the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church is buying up buildings in Norway with a view of military bases.

Dagbladet writes that over the past few years, the ROC has acquired several properties, one of which offers a panoramic view of the country's most important naval base, Haakonsvern.

Journalists also claim that in the city of Stavanger, a former priest of the local Russian Orthodox Church owns real estate next to the NATO Joint Military Center in Yotto:

The residence is located one kilometer from an important military facility and about a quarter of an hour's walk from it.

In Norway, there are fears that the purchased property may not be used for religious purposes, but for spying on the country's military installations.

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