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Reznikov made a statement on the timing of the end of the war
16:30, 29.01.2023

Ukraine is not interested in freezing the conflict, but in an early victory.

This year could be a year of victory for Ukraine, but a lot of effort must be put into it, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in an interview with Rosemary Barton Live.

When asked when the war between Ukraine and Russia might end, the defence minister said that he remained optimistic.

I hope that this year will be the year of victory," Reznikov said.

The minister noted that much needs to be done to achieve this, but the Ukrainian people want victory as soon as possible. This includes the equipment promised by the allies. In particular, the minister expects that the tanks announced by the partners will be ready by spring and will hit the battlefield in March.

The minister noted that the tanks are "not the end of the story, they are just the beginning".

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