The Skate for Ukraine project raises money to help Ukrainian children

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Skate for Ukraine: where to buy boards depicting Ukrainian landmarks

The Skate for Ukraine project - boards depicting 10 Ukrainian sights with which our state is associated.

The price of one board is $100. It can be purchased on the project website .

The purpose of this project is to raise and donate money to the Ukrainian UNICEF Foundation, which helps children and their mothers survive the war that Russia started in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The refugee crisis in Ukraine is so massive that it is difficult to fully comprehend it. More than 9 million Ukrainians have already been forced to flee to other countries, and half of them are children. An even greater number of people have been forced to leave their homes inside the country due to the lack of basic necessities for life - all of them are in desperate need of medical and humanitarian assistance, the project website says.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these boards will be donated to UNICEF, which will help provide Ukrainians with safe water, sanitation,
medical help.

Andrey Boyar is a skateboarder, visual artist and editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian skateboard magazine ZIRKA.

Its graphic depicts 10 places of cultural significance for Ukraine that were destroyed by the Russian army in 10 cities most affected by the war in the first months of a full-scale Russian invasion, the article says.

The skates depict sights that are dear to the heart of every Ukrainian: the Mriya plane, the bridge over the Desna River, the Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theater, the building of the city state administration in Nikolaev, the building of the Ukraina cinema in Kherson and others.

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