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What can't be frozen

Not all foods can be put in the freezer.

It is harmful to freeze some vegetables, fruits and even ready-made meals. Some dishes from storage in the freezer only deteriorate. UNIAN writes about it.


  • Eggs - we are talking exclusively about boiled eggs - when frozen, the shell cracks, and the water in the protein freezes. Because of this, dangerous pathogenic bacteria can get inside the eggs. Even if the egg does not crack and remains whole, it is still not recommended to eat it;
  • Vegetables, fruits, berries that have a watery structure - nutritionists refer to such products as watermelons, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes. The principle is simple - the more water inside a vegetable or fruit, the higher the likelihood that when frozen it will become damp and taste bland;
  • Greens - after defrosting, parsley, dill or cilantro will turn into a raw green mass, and also lose their spicy aroma;
  • Dishes with gelatin - aspics, jellies and aspics cannot be stored in the freezer - gelatin tends to crystallize at low temperatures, therefore, when taking such a dish out of the freezer, be prepared for the absence of the usual taste;
  • Fried foods - fried foods should not be left in the freezer either - when they melt, they stop crunching, the taste is lost, as is the aroma. Fried foods after freezing even lose their attractive appearance and acquire a gray tint;
  • Yoghurts - yogurt will turn into a heterogeneous mass with milk clots, after freezing it will no longer be possible to use it - you can, perhaps, use it for baking.
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