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How to get a subsidy in the new heating season
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The Ministry of Social Policy will apply the extraterritorial principle for the next heating season.

Vitaly Muzychenko, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Social Policy, spoke about this on the air of the telethon.

Wherever a person is, he uses communication channels (centers for the provision of administrative services, territorial communities, electronic offices, “Diya”) and addresses the issue of solving his specific problems, in particular, on the appointment of subsidies, said Vitaliy Muzychenko.

Documents will be submitted for processing not to conditionally Kherson or Berdyansk, where a person lives, but to a queue throughout Ukraine. Specialists who will be free at this moment will be able to work them out,” Muzychenko added.

So far, a new algorithm, with expanded opportunities for appeal, is being worked out in the ministry.

We plan to enter the current heating period with the basic standard conditions and criteria that we have today. We are adapting them somewhat, taking into account the fact that a large number of citizens have gone abroad and temporarily changed their place of residence,” Muzychenko said.

In particular, the conditions are being adapted to the non-accounting of debts for payment of housing and communal services, which formed in certain territories during the period of martial law. This will allow people to receive a certain subsidy,” said Vitaliy Muzychenko.

The ministry said that the situation is complicated by the fact that a large number of people have lost their jobs. Benefits are also provided for this category of the population.

We are also initiating changes that will allow a person who has lost his job, who was registered in the employment center as unemployed, who is actively looking for work, to receive an appropriate subsidy, taking into account the income that he receives right now - unemployment benefits, the Deputy Minister summed up.

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