29-year-old paramedic killed near Bakhmut

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A 29-year-old volunteer and paramedic with the 93rd Cold Yar Brigade died near Bakhmut

The girl died while evacuating the wounded.

Yana (Yara) Rychlitskaya, a volunteer, serviceman and paramedic with the 93rd Brigade of Kholodnyi Yar, died near Bakhmut when she helped evacuate the wounded. Yana's relatives and friends reported the tragedy.

It is known that before the full-scale Russian invasion, the girl worked for an IT company, after February 24, 2022 she started actively volunteering, and in May she went to serve as a paramedic at the Bakhmut stabilization post.

A stabilisation point is a place where the wounded, pulled from the battlefield, are bandaged and prepared for the long journey to the medics. To live. The flow of wounded that was at Bakhmut I can't even fathom. But when I asked 'how are they' , (Yana - ed.) wrote back, "so far fun, safe." Hours before their medical evac vehicle came under fire," Yana'sfriend Tatiana Zenartwrote .

She was 29, less than a month shy of her 30th birthday (born April 2, 1993).

Jana's friends write that she did everything to win, risking her life to help the wounded.

Jana Rychlicka will be buried in her native Vinnitsa.

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