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Hungarian prime minister caught in another scandal over 'Great Hungary' scarf

The Hungarian prime minister went into the public eye with a scarf featuring "The Great Hungary".

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attended a friendly football match between Hungary and Greece in Budapest with a scarf showing a map of "Greater Hungary" with parts of neighbouring states as part of it, according to the Croatian newspaper Index.

The prime minister's scarf showed parts of Austria, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia, regions of today's Serbia and Ukraine as part of Hungary. These territories belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary until the end of World War I.

After Hungary's defeat in World War I and the Tianon Treaty between the victorious states in 1920, Hungary lost these territories. This is still considered a great historical disgrace in Hungary.

This is not Orban's first geographical scandal. Since the beginning of his term in office there have been ongoing disputes between Hungary and neighbouring countries over the rights of ethnic Hungarians living in the former territories of the kingdom.

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