Occupiers prepare mass abduction of children in Luhansk Region - CNS

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Occupiers intend to remove more than 10,000 children from Luhansk Region - CNS
16:40, 26.11.2022

The invaders intend to replace Ukrainians with Russians, who will be resettled in the houses of the evictees, the CNS believes.

The Russian occupants intend to remove over 10,500 children from Luhansk Region, with the purpose of deportation described as "trips to boarding houses", the Centre for National Resistance has said.

The organization reports that the occupiers allegedly carried out a medical examination of 15,000 Ukrainian children aged between 2 and 17. They then stated that allegedly 70% of these children needed "special medical care". According to the Centre for National Resistance, this is how the invaders are trying to justify the deportation of children to the Russian Federation:

First they place them in specialized recreational facilities, then for a number of contrived reasons delay the children's return home to encourage their parents to come and visit the children, then the families are forbidden to return to Ukrainian territory

The CNS said that more than 1,500 people from the occupied part of Kherson Oblast are already staying at the Feya-3 boarding house in Anapa (Krasnodar Krai). They are being induced to obtain Russian passports and open accounts in Russian banks, allegedly to pay social assistance.

In addition, the Russians have already brought 6 mobile medical stations to the occupied territory of Kherson Region. These are specialized trucks equipped as mobile diagnostic rooms. It is assumed that the occupiers are trying to replace Ukrainians in these areas with Russians as soon as possible.

The Ukrainian side urges its citizens not to allow their children to be examined by Russian doctors so that they do not become victims of deportation.

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