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From August 1, you can get e-prescriptions for antibiotics
Ukrainian truth

In Ukraine, it will be possible to get an electronic prescription in a medical institution that is connected to the electronic health system.

The Ministry of Health reports this.

The department stressed that a prescription for an antibiotic is not an innovation in Ukraine; since August, a new digital tool, an electronic prescription, has been added to a paper prescription.

To obtain a prescription, you need to contact a specialist in a hospital connected to the electronic health system, family therapy, and a narrow specialist. The doctor can issue a paper prescription if the medical institution is not connected to the electronic health system.

You can buy prescription antibiotics at any pharmacy. In the temporarily occupied territories and territories where active hostilities are taking place, pharmacies will dispense antibiotics without a prescription during martial law.

The purchase of antibiotics without a prescription is allowed for volunteer and charitable organizations that act for the needs of the military.

At the request of a military unit, unit, or a specific medical institution, volunteers can still purchase antibiotics from distributors without a prescription, the department stressed.

It must be the doctor who prescribes since inappropriate and incorrect use of antibiotics can not only harm a person but also stimulates the development of a global problem - antibiotic resistance, as a result of which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. Yes, very soon, infectious diseases that are quickly and without consequences treated with antibiotics can become deadly; the ministry explained the new rules.

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