Unknown people tried to undermine the Druzhba oil pipeline

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In Russia, unknown people tried to undermine the Druzhba oil pipeline
RIA News"

Unidentified persons set up three shellless explosive devices, which then detonated.

On Saturday morning, June 11, in the Bryansk region (Russia), unknown people allegedly tried to blow up the Druzhba oil pipeline by setting up three explosive devices. This was reported in the Baza Telegram channel.

Early in the morning of June 11, not far from the village of Gulevka - located about 40 km from the border with Ukraine - three explosions thundered. At the same time, a signal was triggered about the loss of communication with the pipeline valve, the report said.

The pipeline itself, built to supply oil to Eastern Europe, allegedly was not damaged, but the transformer substation with the power block of the oil pipeline valve, the cable and the anti-dig pipe were damaged.

One of the explosions damaged a transformer substation with an oil pipeline valve power unit. Another explosion occurred in the place where the cable was laid - a 40 by 20 cm funnel remained there. .

The Russian side reported that since February 24 the pipeline was mothballed, "thanks to this, it was possible to avoid an oil spill."

Recall that now, through Druzhba, oil is supplied to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia through Ukraine. Last year, transit to these countries amounted to 12 million tons of oil. This year, deliveries are going at almost the same pace - about 1 million tons per month.

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