A large number of enemy troops entered the Sumy region

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A lot of enemy equipment entered the Sumy region

The invaders remain in the region on the territory from Belopolye to Konotop, where they dig in.

The head of the Sumy regional military administration, Dmitry Zhivitsky, said that a large number of enemy troops from Russia had entered the region. He wrote about this in Telegram .

Konotop region: a large number of enemy troops entered from the territory of Russia. A conditional "corridor" has been formed through which there is a constant movement of military equipment from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions in the opposite direction to Russia, he wrote.

According to Zhivitsky, the Russians "are very afraid of the locals and our military," so they open chaotic fire on people who appear near this equipment or along the movement of columns. He also urged residents of the region not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.

On April 1, in Burin, the invaders fired at the houses of civilians (one man received a gunshot wound, he was hospitalized), as well as a civilian car with people - two people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

According to the head of the regional VA, on March 31, a local resident who fell under enemy fire in the village of Dubovyazovka was taken to the district hospital; on April 1, the man died.

The night of April 2 passed quietly in the city. In Sumy, which suffered from enemy shelling, gas stations, shops and public transport continue to reopen. Gradually, institutions of culture and arts will also begin to work in Sumy. Each institution will determine the schedule of work and the program independently.

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