McDonald's may open in early September in Ukraine

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The opening of McDonald's in Ukraine may take place this week

At least 10 McDonald's fast food restaurants are preparing their establishments for reopening.

In one of the restaurants, it is reported that on September 5, all employees were instructed to go to work. This was reported by the Telegram channel "Real Kyiv" concerning subscribers and insider information from network employees. Properly this information has not been officially confirmed.

Many restaurants are already preparing to open:

  • Metro Darnitsa. "Poppy" on Darnitsa is preparing for the opening; they are already putting things in order. According to one of the employees, they will open within a few weeks;
  • Vyshgorodskaya street. Preparing for the opening - everything is washed and cleaned;
  • Metro Pochaina. There is a movement within;
  • Metro Kharkivska. The restaurant is being cleaned both inside and outside, preparing for the opening;
  • Metro Minsk. Cleaning in progress;
  • Metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The opening will be around September 5, said the worker, who is called on that day for the first time to work;
  • Metro Poznyaki. Many workers are already in place, and the lights on the second floor have already been turned on. They say they will open by October;
  • Metro station Zhitomirskaya. It opens within a few weeks, says one of the employees of the establishment;
  • Borshchagovka. "Poppy" in the shopping center "April" on Bolshaya Koltsovoy is also preparing to open. The service entrance is open; cleaning is in full swing;
  • Metro Demeevskaya. There is some work going on inside.
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