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Residents of the occupied Mariupol spoke about work, medicine, prices and housing

Mariupol City Council has published stories of Mariupol residents about the situation in the city.

The city is waiting for Ukraine. Mariupol is now a city of anarchy and chaos. The City Council of Mariupol reports this on Telegram.

There is work in Mariupol: removal of rubble, sweeping the streets, that's all the work!, - the city council conveys the words of Mariupoltsev.

The invaders promise both salaries and humanitarian aid, but they do not fulfill any of the promises.

Salary is promised but not paid. They also promise humanitarian recruitment as wages, but they don’t give that either, residents report.

Residents of the occupied city said that the Chechens play the role of "guardians of law and order."

Now there is a "strike" in KP "Kommunalshchik" due to non-payment of wages. They plan to call the Chechens to disperse the strikers, - the city council reports the words of the Mariupol residents.

Critical situation with ecology and medicine in the city.

Garbage in Mariupol is almost never taken out! The landfill is almost 100% full. There is medical support. Now there are 4 hospitals, all of them do not have enough doctors! What is the point of running hospitals if there are no staff? Work efficiency 5%. Since there are not enough doctors, and there are huge queues of patients! Ambulance services are working, the city council publishes.

Mariupol City Council reports that Mariupol residents in information technology and mass communications have returned to the 90s.

Calls are expensive! To call Ukraine, you need to pay 10 hryvnia/minute! And the connection is just awful! Mobile Internet is. Now there are 3G and 4G towers in the city, but the Internet does not work for two reasons - it is not enough above, there are too many people to provide Internet. The Internet can only be "caught" late at night, when most people are resting. In the city center - "No signal," the city council of Mariupol reports.

In conclusion, the city council of Mariupol informs that it is unsafe to live in the city.

As of August 13, 2022, there is complete anarchy in Mariupol! It is dangerous to move along the streets, because there are a lot of unexploded shells, - the Mariupol City Council summed up.

Also today, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko, said that an explosion occurred in Mariupol, a previously unexploded shell, at a scrap metal collection point.

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